Extensive Location
Shoot Opportunities

Endless Location Shoot Opportunities

Fernleigh is undoubtedly one of Australia’s finest properties.

The beautiful circa 30-acre private lagoon acts as a safe haven for annual migratory birds and in excess of 140 bird species and wildlife throughout the year. 

Panoramic views of the surrounding Blue Mountains serve as a breathtaking backdrop to the entire estate with spectacular sunsets that create a magical ambience by night. 

Transform for any world class production

Approximately 300 acres as a blank canvas to create and film your dream. Countless luxurious venues to transform to suit any major film, advertisment or TV production. 

This World Class Grand Estate has been the site for multiple high-end fashion shoots and the location for major films including Baz Luhrmann’s epic The Great Gatsby, Peter Rabbit 2 and numerous internationally acclaimed TV shows.


Private Dream

Enjoy the privacy of this Grand Estate, to create your world class production.

Easy Access

Every inch of the property is easily accessible for production crews on a grand scale. 

Beauty Of The Property

The master-planned manicured landscapes provide an exceptional background for any production.